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Saltlocker Pty Ltd is an Australian organisation.

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SALTLOCKER Member Box - No Plastic, Very Fantastic!

Just one of the very cool benefits of our Saltlocker surf community are these super cute member boxes. They're jam packed with goodies like member pins, member cards, surfboard stickers and member cards. Our first 50 members have been lucky enough to score a 50% off BILLABONG Mates Rates card that gives them 50% off absolutely ANYTHING on the Billabong AU site! Yeah... mind blowing! They also recieved a Salt and Stone SPF50 organic Face Zinc Stick and California Mint Lip Balm.

Saltlocker is a proud supporter of Take 3 For the Sea so we are proud to say we don't use any single use plastics in our packaging. Our boxes are cardboard, our filling is paper and even our member cards are made of cardboard. Our wrapping is generally re-used, recycled paper and we try our hardest to hand our member boxes to our members in person so they're not being wrapped in plastic during postage.

Every little bit counts!